Conductivity Standard Reagecon

Rp 1,108,000

Conductivity Standard solution dari Reagecon untuk Lab Anda.

Tersedia banyak pilihan ukuran :

  • 84 uS/cm
  • 1423 uS/cm
  • 12880 uS/cm
  • dsb

Tersedia dalam ukuran 500 mL per botol.

Masa kadaluarsa 1-2 tahun.

Rp 1,108,000
Rp 1,108,000
Rp 1,108,000


Reagecon is the world’s largest producer of conductivity standards and is credited with the invention of low level aqueous standards. The company is still the only producer worldwide with the capability to manufacture and stabilise these products at such low levels of conductivity. This low range of standards includes 1.3µS ±0.05 µS/cm, the lowest aqueous conductivity standard available worldwide.

Reagecon offer over 45 different values of Conductivity and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) standards, ranging from as low as 1.3 µS/cm to as high as 500,000 µS/cm.

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