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Heating and Cooling Circulator

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  • Brand : Grant Instrument (UK)
  • Garansi : 2 Tahun
  • Status : Indent 1-2 bulan
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Product Specification

The Grant Optima heating circulating range consists of four models – two general purpose: T100 and TC120 and two advanced models: TX150 and TXF200. Combine any of the four models with a Grant stainless steel or plastic tank or with a T-Clamp to attach to virtually any vertical sided tank. A cost-effective range of multi-purpose systems combining Grants legendary quality and reliability.

T100 & TC120 General purpose models

  • Cooling/heating range 0°C to 100°C (T100) / -20°C to 120°C (TC120)
  • Simple, intuative user interface: dial and two function buttons
  • Clear, bright 4 digit LED display
  • Visual alarm and low-liquid detection
  • 2 point user calibration
  • 3 temperature presets

TX150 & TXF200 Advanced models

  • Cooling/heating range -50°C to 150°C (TX150) -50°C to 200°C (TXF200)
  • Icon driven home screen via dial and two function buttons
  • Large, bright full colour display
  • USB/RS232 interface for programming or data logging
  • External probe socket
  • 5 point user calibration
  • Multi language options (EN,FR,DE,IT,ES)


  • Clinical, Microbiology and Pathology labs – media tempering, thawing & incubating samples
  • University research – temperature control of spectrophotometers & refractometers and jacketed vessels
  • Industrial labs – temperature probe calibration, water analysis, QC testing product, petrochemical testing, material testing, milk sample testing






Dimensions (h x d x w) 333mm x 172mm x 120mm 333mm x 172mm x 141mm 342mm x 172mm x 141mm 342mm x 172mm x 141mm
Stability (DIN 12876) @70ºC 0.05±ºC 0.05±ºC 0.01±ºC 0.01±ºC
Uniformity (DIN 12876) @70ºC 0.1±ºC 0.1±ºC 0.05 ±ºC 0.05±ºC
Setting resolution 0.1ºC 0.1ºC 0.1ºC (0.01 with Labwise®) 0.1ºC (0.01 with Labwise®)
Display 4 digit LED 4 digit LED Full colour QVGA TFT Full colour QVGA TFT
Timer function 1 minutes to 99 hours 59 minutes 1 minutes to 99 hours 59 minutes 1 minutes to 99 hours 59 minutes
No. of temperature presets 3 3 3 3
Re-calibration points 2 2 5 5
Socket for external probe (TXPEP, TXSEP)
Communications interface USB, RS232 USB, RS232
Programmable Remote via PC/laptop 1 program/30 Direct via user interface or remote via PC/ laptop 10 programs/ 100 segments
Relays 1 1
Safety – over temperature Fixed Adjustable cut-out Adjustable cut-out Adjustable cut-out
Fluid level – float
Language options EN, FR, DE, IT, ES EN, FR, DE, IT, ES
Alarms (can be configured to switch a relay) High (no relay) High and low High and low
Heater power – 230V 1290W 1290W 1840W 1840W
Heater power – 120V 1440W 1440W 1445W 1445W
Electrical power – 230V 1400 (50-60Hz) 1400 (50-60Hz) 2000 (50-60Hz) 2000 (50-60Hz)
Electrical power – 120V 1500 (50-60Hz) 1500 (50-60Hz) 1500 (50-60Hz) 1500 (50-60Hz)
Height above tank rim 200mm 20mm 200mm 200mm
Depth below tank rim 135mm 135mm 145mm 145mm
Maximum pressure (water) 210mbar 310mbar 530mbar
Maximum flow (water) 16L/min 18L/min 22L/min (adjustable flow rate)
Pump connector Fits 9mm inner diameter tubing Fits 9mm inner diameter tubing Fits 9mm inner diameter tubing
Pump connector Fits 15mm inner diameter tubing Fits 15mm inner diameter tubing Fits 15mm inner diameter tubing
Weight 2.1kg 2.3kg 2.6kg 2.6kg

Additional information

Temp Range

-20 to 120°C, -50 to 150°C, -50 to 200°C, 0-100°C

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