M150 Educational Microscope (Binocular/Trinocular/Camera)

Rp 28,380,000Rp 51,480,000

  • Brand : Motic
  • Garansi : 1 tahun
  • Status : Indent
  • Model :
    • Binokuler
    • Trinokuler
    • With built-in Camera
Rp 28,380,000
Rp 36,300,000
Rp 51,480,000
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The M150 model offers Infinity optics for high-er optical demands. Coaxial focusing, binocular viewing, coaxial mechanical stage:

Comfortable binocular viewing with a FOV of 20mm, with trinocular option for digital imaging solutions. The line-up offers various adoptions of digital imaging to meet your needs, with included C-mount adapter or a built-in camera (M150D).

Main Features

  • Binocular Viewing with Fov 20
  • Infinity Plan Achromats
  • Coaxial Focus Drive
  • Digital Ports Available


Available Model

  • M150B : Universal microscope suitable for educational purposed Binocular.
  • M150T : Universal microscope with third ocular lens (trinocular). 
  • M150D : Universal microscope with built-in digital camera.