Microplate Reader ELx808

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Microplate Reader ELx808

Brand : BioTek Instruments GmbH

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Rp 272,104,800
Rp 340,494,000


Product Overview

High quality optics, fast measurement and superior incubation are the hallmarks of the ELx808 Absorbance Microplate Reader. These and other top features make it suitable for a wide array of applications, from endpoint ELISAs to kinetic cell growth studies.

  • 8-channel Absorbance Microplate Reader for endpoint, kinetic and linear well scanning read modes
  • Compatible with standard 96-well, flat- or round-bottom plates
  • Wavelength range: 380-900 nm; 340-900 nm (ELx808IU)
  • Filter wheel capacity: 6 positions, up to 5 filters supplied
  • Dynamic range: 0.0 to 4.0 OD
  • Linear shaking and 4-Zone incubation to 50 °C (ELx808IU)
  • Easy-to-use Gen5™ Data Analysis Software for rapid data collection, export and printing

Typical applications: ELISA, enzyme kinetics, protein assay, endotoxin (LAL) assays, cell growth studies and agglutination assays.

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