Photometer DEN-600

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Photometer DEN-600

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Product Description

The DEN-600 is a compact, portable, rechargeable battery powered photometer. It’s 600 nm wavelength optical system allows you to measure as below:

  • Estimated total number of cells (OD600)
  • Turbidity measurement method (McFarland (McF))
  • Protein concentration measurement (Bradford protein assay method)

The device serves as an inexpensive alternative to a spectrophotometer, which is commonly used for these applications. As the DEN-600 is battery powered and compact, it can be comfortably located in a biosafety cabinet, anaerobic chamber or quickly relocated.

The cell holder accommodates standard 10 mm path cuvettes, round bottom, conical vials or falcon tubes.

USB connectivity and DEN software allow for data transfer, data processing and calculation.


  • Cell concentration measurement
  • Cell growth data estimation
  • Log phase estimation for microbial cells induction
  • Competent cell preparation
  • Bradford protein assay method
  • Antibiotic susceptibility testing
  • Inhibitory tests


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