Roller Mixers LLG-uniROLLER 6 easy and pro

Rp 6,279,900Rp 13,921,050

Roller Mixers LLG-uniROLLER 6 easy and pro

Brand : LLG Labware

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Rp 6,279,900
Rp 13,921,050


Product Overview

Analog or digital tube rollers with 6 rolls for the efficient mixing of biological samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions. Used in a variety of applications, such as the prevention of blood coagulation, immune precipitation.

  • Max speed 70 rpm
  • For gentle rolling of samples
  • Easy to clean

LLG-uniROLLER 6 easy:

  • Analogue control
  • Easy to use

LLG-uniROLLER 6 pro:

  • LCD display
  • Continuous or timer operation

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