Stirred Water Bath (Circulating)

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Stirred Water Bath (Circulating)

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  • Volume : 5L, 12L, 18L, 26L, 38L
  • Bahan : Stainless Steel, Plastic

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Rp 42,438,400
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Rp 33,775,000
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General Purposed Stirred Waterbath (T100 Models)

Product Description

The Grant T100 series of general purpose heating circulating baths offer accurate temperate control for staightforward applications in the range of 0°C to 100°C. The T100 heating circulator can be used in combination with any Grant stainless steel or plastic tank or with a T-CLAMP for independent use of virtually any vertical sided tank.

  • Cooling/heating range 0°C to 100°C
  • Stability ±0.05ºC / Uniformity  ±0.1ºC
  • Tank options 5L to 38L
  • 3 programmable temperature presets
  • Low liquid protection and fixed over temperature cut-out
  • Visual alarm – alerts you when your attention is required
  • Clear, bright 4 digit LED display


  • Clinical, Microbiology and Pathology labs – media tempering, thawing and incubating samples
  • Teaching labs, higher education/universities – practical demonstration/experimentation, sample preparation


jual stirring water bath grant instrument


Technical Specification

Dimensions (h x d x w) 333 x 172 x 120mm
Stability (DIN 12876) @70ºC 0.05±ºC
Uniformity (DIN 12876) @70ºC 0.1±ºC
Setting resolution 0.1ºC
Display 4 digit LED
Timer function
No. of temperature presets 3
Re-calibration points 2
Socket for external probe (TXPEP, TXSEP)
Communications interface
Safety – over temperature Fixed
Fluid level – float
Language options
Alarms (can be configured to switch a relay)
Heater power – 230V 1290W
Heater power – 120V 1440W
Electrical power – 230V 1400 (50-60Hz)
Electrical power – 120V 1500 (50-60Hz)
Height above tank rim 200mm
Depth below tank rim 135mm
Maximum pressure (water)
Maximum flow (water)
Pump connector 6mm bore
Pump connector 9mm bore
Weight 2.1kg



Additional information

Weight 30 kg

Grant Instrument


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